Take a look at the history and backstory of Belong Beyond.

Take a look at the history and backstory of Belong Beyond.

👋 Hello! We are excited that you are here, and we hope you find our content and products useful for your personal journey and projects.

What We Do

Belong Beyond keeps tabs on important, timeless lessons that can be easily applicable for your projects and personal goals.  We do not want to force you to think in a certain way but instead provide the tools to aid your unique journey.

Just like having a virtual mentor, Belong Beyond consolidates insights found all around the internet, books, articles, videos, and more.

Not everyone learns the same way, so we share illustrations, diagrams, and short-form articles to convey timeless knowledge in multiple forms efficiently.

The Backstory

For as long as I can remember, I have been a visual learner. I would create designs, drawings, and diagrams as a way to learn and better absorb information.

Having always strived to learn from past experts and their timeless wisdom, I continued to use the same approach with a lot of the content for Belong Beyond.

After sharing some of these online, I learned that others also benefited from the designs. The community built from sharing this content was the start to Belong Beyond's Instagram, Facebook Page, and site.

Behind Our Name

Belong Beyond is a mission, our name, and a call to action.

One night I was painting, frustrated by a creative block, I began writing down random phrases with my paintbrush on a piece of paper. After a couple of minutes, I wrote down the sentence, "I want to belong beyond." This sentence has resonated with me ever since. Several years later, I decided to use this as the name of this community-focused project.

Belong accounts for the community aspect of the organization. And we are all-inclusive and welcoming to all! The only criteria is the desire to learn.

Beyond is a call to action, a call to never settle, constantly striving and growing.

These two terms continue to be the pillars that operate this community-driven space.

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